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Swarna / Gold Special

Baidyanath Swarna Bhasma 1gm

In stock

Original price was: ₹17,250.00.Current price is: ₹9,999.00.
SKU: 5-p000753-1

Dabur Yogendra Ras 10 tablet

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SKU: 5-p000213-2

Unjha Rasa raja Rasa with Gold & Pearl 10 tablet combo of 3 packs

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Original price was: ₹3,345.00.Current price is: ₹2,340.00.
SKU: 5-p15905-1

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Buy Ayurvedic Products & Herbal medicines Online from ayurvedic medical store MedDrop. Shop for ayurvedic products, herbal supplements, remedies and healthcare products. MedDrop is an online store for all ayurvedic products, ayurvedic cosmetics. Buy ayurvedic medicine for cancer, diabetes, baby care, eye care, dental care and all other health and personal care problems. We cater most popular brands like Dabur, Baidyanath, Unjha, Emami, Zandu, Ranbaxy.

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Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicine. It aims to prevent the body from diseases and focuses on the general health and wellness of a person. It is advisable to keep Ayurvedic medicines as they do not have any side-effects. Ayurvedic medicines available at MedDrop are 100% authentic and made out of natural herbs which makes them safe to consume.Ayurveda is popular for its extensive natural healing ways that work on illnesses and improving the general wellness of the human body and mind. Ayurveda is somewhat like traditional Chinese medicines in which they focus on the balance of five elements of nature – water, air, fire, space and earth. Similarly, in Ayurveda, we focus on balancing three doshas – Vata, pitta and Kapha. When these doshas are perfectly balanced, the state of being is healthy. When they fall out of balance through dehydration, anxiety, stress, low energy or excessive exertion, the person is propelled into a state of “vikruti” – an imbalanced state of body and mind.Ayurvedic medicines aim to maintain the balance of these doshas in the body. Buy ayurvedic medicines online only from a trusted platform like MedDrop which guarantees the authenticity of every product sold on the platform. Ayurveda offers extensive therapies and remedies for the young, old, sick, healthy, and everyone in between. Here are some of the primary benefits you can get from Ayurvedic medicines:

- Weight Maintenance: Ayurvedic medicines can help shed extra body fat. Through Ayurvedic medicines online it is possible to cleanse and detox your body through correct dietary restrictions.

- Healthy Skin and Hair: Ayurvedic medicines claim that you can ditch all your expensive clinical treatments and go for organic ways to treat your skin and scalp. Online Ayurvedic medicines focus more on high-antioxidant foods, herbs, teas, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats along with the medicine itself.

- Stress Reduction: Ayurvedic medicine guarantee a reduction in stress and anxiety. Ayurvedic medicines online improve the autonomic nervous system making your mind alert, so you can focus well and stay energized throughout the day.

- Reduce Inflammation: Unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, etc. can lead to inflammation. The root cause of neurological diseases, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, pulmonary diseases, arthritis, and many others starts with inflammation. Buy Ayurvedic medicines online from MedDrop to say goodbye to inflammation as they target to clear your gut and digestive tract.Go ahead and shop ayurvedic medicines online only from MedDrop, the most trusted platform to buy Ayurvedic medicines online!